Map community assets

Understanding your community from a variety of angles and perspectives is important work. Begin the journey by taking a snapshot of what strengths and services are currently available. Identifying what organizations, skills, and assets exist can help lead to a better awareness of your community context. Create a visual asset map and share it with members, stakeholders, and the community at large. All communities have assets! Consider including: people, environments, organizations, places, spaces, schools, health care, and more.

The RIFS team started the process by creating asset maps to learn more about their community. Together, community team members provided a comprehensive overview of their town. 

“I did not realize how many assets we had in our small community until we mapped them out together.” - Community Partner


The teams within the community were surprised to learn how many assets they had and the lack of awareness surrounding these available resources. Together they learned how to better leverage the resources in their community and also strengthened the relationship they have with each other. Over time, community and primary care team members were able to build relationships and trust, which in turn helps increase awareness and access to all services.

Community partners rotated around the room to different catagories on wall posters and then discussed what they discovered as part of their asset mapping activity.

Asset mapping is part of Understanding your Community.

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